Becoming a Member

CWA in Tasmania has two types of membership:

  • Members of the Association who belong to a local or the online Branch – $52 per year membership
  • Individual members who do not belong to a Branch but access member benefits – $100 per year membership

Member Benefits include:

  • Receipt of the email edition of News and Views – the newsletter of the Association, generally published 10 times a year
  • The right to apply to sell through a CWA shop
  • Discount rate at the Hawley Holiday Home and at various other facilities around Australia with reciprocal arrangements
  • Cover by the Association’s insurance for CWA supported activity properly notified
  • The right to attend the annual State Conference at members rate
  • The right to take part in the democratic processes of the Association
  • A copy of the Annual Report of the Association
  • The opportunity to engage Nationally and Internationally with like minded women addressing significant local and international issues

There are Branches around the State along with an Online Branch. The State Office can guide you to the nearest branch that is likely to meet your needs. Each of our branches is different with members choosing how they contribute to the Association’s overall aims and objectives and their activities are shaped by the interests and abilities of the members – finding the branch that suits you is important.

If you do not live close to an established branch or perhaps they meet during your work time, think about forming a new branch. The State Executive will work with you to help this happen – all it takes is six interested people – if this sounds like you and you would like to know more about joining please click here

There is also the option of joining the Online Branch.