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CWA Nubeena Reinvigorated!

The CWA Nubeena Branch has been reinvigorated with an influx of new members just in time to prevent the branch from closing permanently. When the current membership of the CWA Nubeena branch decided to not renew their memberships, the branch faced closure and building would likely change hands. Community member Wendy Armstrong of White Beach was ‘upset’ and immediately put out the word amongst the local women that help was needed to keep this branch afloat. An influx of almost 30 women have signed up resulting in CWA Tasmania agreeing to officially re-open the branch. 

Wendy Armstong says ‘I’d offered to book the CWA hall for a local dance group that was looking for another venue. It turned out to be fortunate that I’d lost the contact details for the lady taking the bookings, as it meant I had to contact the Hobart head office. It was then that I heard that the local branch was sadly folding due to lack of interest and the CWA would be letting go of the hall. I was so upset. Such history! Such a lovely iconic building! I made several phone calls that afternoon and committed to gathering sufficient interest from local women to keep the Nubeena branch going. Starting with Facebook posts, the interest from local women in joining CWA just snowballed from there! We now have a new committee and almost 30 new members. This is very exciting!’ 

On Wednesday 24th February, the state president Jenny Ivey came to meet with the new and original members of the CWA Nubeena branch. The atmosphere was jovial as a new committee was voted in and the newer members invited the original members of the branch to share their wisdom and asked them to stay on as members to help guide the group. Wendy Armstrong has taken on the position of Treasurer with Keita Messenger as Assistant Treasurer. Amanda Hart is now Secretary. Rebecca Howarth is President with Joi Heald as Vice President. A morning tea was laid out and many stories and experiences were shared over a cup of tea and cake, with social distancing of course. Outgoing Secretary Kate Sainsbury addressed the group saying ‘You need to look not to the past, but instead to the future and do what you feel is right at this time. It’s time for the younger generation to take the CWA forward.’

President Rebecca Howarth says ‘All us new members are thrilled to be part of this iconic organisation and now our membership ranges from young children to elders in their 80’s. The multi-generational interaction is particularly exciting and we can’t wait to hit the ground running and brainstorm ideas for ways we can continue to support this community, as the CWA has been for generations.’

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