Our Core Values

Our core values guide the way we work and behave.

As part of the largest group of adult women in the world our core values are ones of:

  • Inclusion
  • Acceptance and
  • Tolerance

And as such we are an apolitical, non-religiously based organisation welcoming of any woman of any age.

We recognise the past – the achievements, the struggles and the failures.

We are involved, listening, learning and actively working in the world of today.

We anticipate the changed future, a challenging environment, both physically and socially and work towards preparation for this future.

We accept that every woman comes to our Association with different experiences, skills and needs and we strive to provide an environment which allows each to shine.

Support of community is vital to our core values, and we will advocate when we feel that communities are being disadvantaged by the change to, or the removal of, vital services or where new or improved services are called for.

Swansea Branch 30th Birthday