About Us

Who are we?

Most people know of the CWA – we have one of the highest brand recognitions in the country – but do you really know who we are and what we do … beyond baking scones!

We are a wonderful mix:

  • Old and young we live in the country and in towns and cities, some very remote
  • Retired, working, parenting, studying, carer giver or a mixture any of those
  • Some of us have our health, others do not
  • Members for decades and some for only days, weeks or months
  • Bakers, knitters, sewers, quilters, crafters, scrapbookers, weavers to name a few
  • Vocal Advocates and quiet advocates

We can’t all cook but we all have skills and we are all prepared to come together to use those skills and learn new ones, in order to share and to care for one another, and for women, their families and communities, here at home, and further afield.